Thursday, July 30, 2015

Life with Cookie

A couple of months ago we adopted a kitten and I named her Cookie. She rode for several miles underneath a car to town where a friend of mine works. My friend emailed me for advice about how to get her out. It was a rainy day and the girls at the bank were dressed for work so couldn't lay on the ground and no one could reach far enough up under the car to get a hold of her. I called one of the women I know that helps with animal rescues and she said would go as soon as she could. In the back of my mind during all these emails I was thinking about taking her. They finally got her out and took her inside and put her in a box. You know the drill, some of them wanted her but for whatever reasons couldn't take her. So here I go, I walk in the bank and say "Are you all giving away kittens today with a deposit". So that's how it came to be that Cookie now lives with us. After a vet visit to get checked out to make sure she hadn't been hurt during the ride, and to check out her eye, one pupil is smaller than the other one, she had a clean bill of health. A hundred dollars or so later which when I went to pay the bill was already paid by my friend that had hoped I would take her she sat in my lap and home we went. It took a few weeks for our dog Molly to get used to her but now they are romping through the house like crazy. My friend Karen says Cookie won the lottery to get to live at our house.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Back from vacation

Sorry it's been a while since I blogged. We have been on a family vacation, or Bacation as Lucas called it to Dauphin Island, Alabama. When I say family vacation I mean 11 of us, all staying together in one condo on the ocean. We took 3 different automobiles, 2 pickup trucks, and a van. Is was quite the entourage. It was me and my husband, my sister, our niece, her husband and 5 year old Lucas, our daughter, son in law, grandson, granddaughter, and granddaughter's boyfriend. We had a blast, cooked together, swam in the gulf every day, rented Jet Skis, Kayak's, took a evening Dolphin Cruise, the kids and their Dad went para sailing, and some went deep sea fishing. We sat up late on the deck most nights just me and my sister laughing and talking. I spent mornings walking on the beach picking up shells and watching the Dolphins follow the shrimp boats. Yes, as in any family there were a few squabbles but for the most part we had a ball. I hope you enjoy a few of the 1069 pictures taken.