Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's a boy, wait a minute, and a girl. TWINS!!!

My first sighting of the twins

Just a few hours old

The boy twin

The boy is up, little girl still too tired.

Big O and her babies. This is exciting!!

Baby Girl

Good night.

Richard gave Big O some feed and was checking the babies

Stuck in the mud the next day

Sunset setting on Big O AKA Your Bigness

She keeps losing one of them, the sheep are helping

Beautiful face

Got Milk!!!
Big O, AKA "Your Bigness" gave birth to twins last night. We did not have a clue she was having twins, she always looks like a barrel when she is pregnant. When we checked cows last night we said within the week probably we would have a baby but we were pleasantly surprised this morning. I was getting ready to go to work when Richard called and said we had twins so I called my work and said I would be a little late. I had to take pictures right? It's a bull and a heifer. Last night I took a picture of Big O and Baby O standing together. I wonder if she was telling Baby O she was about to have a new sister and brother? I bet she was. This sure has been an exciting morning!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Adorable New baby

The new baby just born today

We both went to the ground after this picture

The second day he gets an ear tag

Three days old

Isn't he pretty or maybe I should say handsome


A new baby was born last week and he is adorable. His Mom was a very young heifer that should not have come into heat as soon as she did but she did fine. Last Thursday morning she was off by herself which is one of the signs a baby is getting ready to be born so Richard put her in the barn where he could watch her close. A couple of hours later she gave birth and her and the baby were fine. He isn't very big but he is doing great. Saturday I spent an hour looking for him because he wasn't with her. I rode the four wheeler around and around through the cross fenced fields each time getting off and stepping on the wire and sending the four wheeler through by hand and getting back on and guess what? I finally found him in the second field I had rode thru and hadn't seen him. You can almost run over them if your not careful. I got him up and he bawled for his Mom and she looked up there and then went back to eating not too concerned and then of course he went the other way and laid down again. He may not be too big but neither am I and I had already wrestled him around in the barn lot Well, anyway about an hour later she went to him and everything was fine. We probably worry too much and we are too over protective. The next night Richard put him on the four wheeler and took him to her from another field. They lay down and sleep for hours. Being cute makes a baby awfully tired!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

More finds from the flea market and yard sales.

Granite Collandar  found at a flea market

Cow butter dish found at a yard sale for $2.00

Old potato masher found at yard sale for a $1.00
I did not find Lucas at a yard sale but he found a back pack for 25 cents he has carried around all weekend.
A frame I bought for .25 and spray painted. That is a picture I took of my beautiful Grand Daughter.
Another frame for .50 I painted with a picture of me. It sits on my husband's night stand.
Old jewelry for a $1.00 found at swap meet, I will use this for a project.
Silver tray at Goodwill, syrup pitcher antique mall and little dish holds salt on stove.
Silver tray found at Goodwill, old spools and buttons.
I love summer time, all the yard sales and swap meets and I just have to go to them you know. I had an auction last October and got rid of a ton of stuff because our plan is to move to our big farm next year. More about that later. Anyway I am trying not to replace all the stuff I sold but it's just hard when you see all these bargains, right?? Here are a few things I have picked up in the last couple of weeks.