Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Girls Finally Come Home

We moved to our farm a year ago but some of the cows and the sheep were still at our old place. I have longed for them to be where I can see them everyday. We have always planned to move them but we have had a lot going on the last year. Then it was summer and it was too hot to haul them so last week it was the right time. Although we have already had some really cold weather we waited until a day it got up to 50 degrees and we were ready. My poor husband hauled three loads of cows that day from our old place to the new and the girls came too. I am so happy to have them here. We have them in a field with the cows they have always been with so the transition was not to traumatic for them and I think they are adapting very well. They seem to be satisfied and I see them at least twice a day now. They get treats and we have a talk every day.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

South Dakota/Wyoming trip 2014

On November 1st my husband Richard and I flew to South Dakota/Wyoming border for a Mule Deer hunt for me. I don't blog about my hunting because I know there are a lot of people who are against hunting. I also Turkey hunt and last year Antelope hunted in South Dakota My husband being in the Archery Industry for 35 years has hunted in many states. I just started about 6 years ago. We both love animals and take very good care of our cattle, our dogs are spoiled beyond words but yes we do hunt and we do eat the meat. It's a called "Living the Country Life" We both had horses when we were kids and I used to show them. Is there anything more beautiful than horses running or grazing in a field? I think not!