Friday, June 26, 2015

Buster the Bull

One of our bulls, his name is Buster is having a foot problem. Buster is very important to our herd of cows so we are worried about him. He has been limping for a few days, we gave him some antibiotic shots on Sunday morning in hopes he would be better the next day. On Tuesday my husband loaded him in the trailer and took him to the barn where he would be in out of the sun and we could monitor him better, We called the Vet, went and picked up a different high powered antibiotic and some pain meds that are supposed to last 30 days. I said that must be some strong pain pills. More shots and pain pills down him, still no better. The Vet is coming today, There is a disease called Hoof Rot animals get when the ground is wet for a long time and we have had a lot of rain. The Vet thought because of the symptoms that's what it is but could also be a leg injury.  He has been very good to go in the corral and the head gate and I'm glad because when a Bull that weighs around 2500 pounds doesn't want to do something it's not a good thing.