Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pictures in the Snow.

We have been feeding the birds a lot lately so of course I have been following them around with the camera. Such beautiful creatures! It has been snowing some lately so they need a little help. It has been pouring down rain since last night but we are not complaining after the drought we had last summer we are thrilled to see the rain. The ponds are full again and the grass is starting to grow. Thank You Lord for this rain!!


  1. I really love your 'pictures in the snow' but I have to admit that I'd rather see photos of 'pictures in the spring!' :-)

  2. What gorgeous photography! Spring is in the air! Thank you for your kind congrats!


  3. Gorgeous photos! Just love song birds and you've captured them beautifully!
    Thanks so much for your visit. AMAZE ME MONDAY is up, come join in.