Saturday, March 2, 2013

Catching Snowflakes!

It has been snowing here a lot and Jake (The Farm Dog) and Molly (The Princess) have been trying to catch snowflakes!. Actually Molly doesn't like being outside for very long, she starts shaking as soon as we go out. She doesn't have very much hair so she gets cold pretty quick, but never fear her heating pad is turned on and her fluffy afghan is never far away. Now Jake on the other hand likes the snow and as you know helps his Dad a lot at the farm. Actually Richard keeps the truck pretty warm for him and a blanket to lay on. These two are pretty spoiled but this wasn't always the case. They both were adopted by us, Jake was bought by a lady that thought he was cute but he got a little bigger than she wanted him to be so she tied him up outside to a lawnmower. He only weighs 16 pounds and is a pure breed Yorkie. By the grace of God a neighbor and also a good friend of mine rescued him and that was almost eight years ago, the rest is history, he goes everywhere with my husband including to work so he is never alone. Molly came to us this past summer. In the middle of a drought when there wasn't even a mud puddle to get a drink out of someone dumped her out on the road we live on. I first saw her one morning and she was so little I thought it was a rabbit the way she was running. I found out later another lady who lives close by had been trying to catch her and had been feeding and watering her. I don't know how she survived in the woods as long as she did. We finally found her down a side road scared to death, it took some coaxing with food before she would come to us but when she did she licked my face and settled in my lap. I guess she knew we were helping her. They have both been trying, neither one potty trained, and it has taken a lot of patience but they are both wonderful little dogs and are here to stay. For the life of me I don't know how someone could dump a dog out and just drive away. I was just involved in another rescue of two dogs dumped on our road, I will post about that one later. It has a good ending!!


  1. They are the both sweet little fellows I agree how can someone dump them, glad they have found a good home and people who love them.

  2. What great pictures, and you know how I love stories like this, and happy endings!!

    I hope you're doing well, and I hope you're enjoying your weekend!