Saturday, July 14, 2012

Miss Molly

Molly has a new bed.

Richard takes Molly for a ride.
Jake and Molly playing.
Her 4th of July scarf.
Two weeks ago on Wednesday when I was leaving for work I pulled out of our driveway and saw something little run down the side of the road. At first I couldn't tell what it was then I realized it was a little dog. When I got to her I stopped and got out of the car, she ran harder down the road. I followed her and she stopped and I got out again and called her. She took off again and turned onto a logging road and went out of sight. I called my husband and he went on the four wheeler and looked for her but didn't see her. It was 105 degrees that day and we knew with no food and especially no water she would die. That night Richard rode down that road again and he called me and said he had found her and for me to bring some food and water. My husband is such a softie, when I got there he was down on his knees talking to her and trying to coax her out of the woods. He put the food back under the bushes and in doing so got tangled up in wild rose briar's and tore his shirt. She just whined for a while but she did eat her food, I figured it would take her a few days before we could catch her but we were worried about something getting her. All of a sudden she came out and came to me and started licking me and jumping around and whining. I guess she knew we were trying to help her. Well, now she has a home and is living quite well. She has a new bed, she is the air conditioning and we are working on potty training and she has a new friend and that is Jake. For the life of me I will never ever understand how some people can be so cruel to dump a little defenseless dog or cat out where they will have no food or water to just die a horrible death. As dry as it is there isn't even any puddles to drink from. I would so like to be a judge and be able to hand out the sentences to these scum of the earth people. They would get the same treatment as they deal out!!!


  1. What a wonderful ending to what could have been such a sad story! Good for you!

  2. Awww, she is a cutie! Kudos to you guys for giving her a new home! :)

  3. Bless you!! What a sweetie :)


  4. I will never, ever understand people either, but if I ever did, that would put me on their level! I'm so glad that you all have found one another!! Whatta cutie Molly is!!

  5. oh, she found her angels in you both! congratulations on a new family member!

  6. she is so cute~ I say she found a perfect home~ love stories with happy endings~