Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lucas is praying for rain!!

Lucas has been praying for rain but so far it hasn't helped. It hasn't been for his lack of trying.Actually he had been swimming in his little pool and was looking up when he saw an airplane and the second one I'm not sure what he was doing but it sure looks like he is praying. I am going to go with that. Lucas is my great nephew and the baby of the family now. We are all having a ball with him. He is a doll and we all love him so much. We had a 50% chance of rain today but we got nothing. We are so worried about our pastures and livestock. I told my husband last night we have a personal relationship with our cows and it will break our heart's if we have to sell. If you look at some of my blogs you can see how much we love our cows and what good care we take of them. Richard is so worried about this dry weather. We don't have enough hay to make it through the winter and we are desperately trying to find some to buy. We live in central Missouri, if any of you are relatively close and have hay or know of some please let me know.


  1. Oh I feel your worry! I've been stressing this last couple of months also. I saw where hay was auctioned down in the SE corner of SD at $325.00 a ton. I have a fella I get hay from thats about 40 miles south of me. I'm having some last years hay brought in. I hope to get enough of that to carry me through, but...its going to be a scarey start to next summer also. WE also need rain desperately. It has looked like late Fall around here for over a month. One thing I've been using to stretch the roughage was a local feed distributor has a mineral/protein mix that I keep out with the cattle. Its a salt/mineral loose mix that has high protien and the cattle really look exceptional. Its reasonable too. Its around 18.00 a bag and they can stretch that hay or pasture really well with the extra protien. The salt slows them down so they don't overdo it. I will say extra prayers for your area and just try to stay positive. I'm an expert at worry but I'm finally starting to realize it doesn't help much. If you want a little info on the mineral/protien mix, shout. I'll send you the info.

  2. We are in Nebraska and are in the same boat -- all the farmers are praying for rain and I am praying right along with them. Hope you find the hay that you need for winter.


  3. He is precious~
    I live in Ohio & we too are dry, we had some storms blow through yesterday with a bit of rain, not enough, but we gladly accepted it~
    Really putting a hurt on farmers~ crops, produce and the animals~
    Our corn is trying to make ear right now so hoping this rain will help. We are feeding the cows like in the winter, no pasture to eat. Hay crop looks bad, sections of it is gone.
    Praying for rain~