Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's a boy, wait a minute, and a girl. TWINS!!!

My first sighting of the twins

Just a few hours old

The boy twin

The boy is up, little girl still too tired.

Big O and her babies. This is exciting!!

Baby Girl

Good night.

Richard gave Big O some feed and was checking the babies

Stuck in the mud the next day

Sunset setting on Big O AKA Your Bigness

She keeps losing one of them, the sheep are helping

Beautiful face

Got Milk!!!
Big O, AKA "Your Bigness" gave birth to twins last night. We did not have a clue she was having twins, she always looks like a barrel when she is pregnant. When we checked cows last night we said within the week probably we would have a baby but we were pleasantly surprised this morning. I was getting ready to go to work when Richard called and said we had twins so I called my work and said I would be a little late. I had to take pictures right? It's a bull and a heifer. Last night I took a picture of Big O and Baby O standing together. I wonder if she was telling Baby O she was about to have a new sister and brother? I bet she was. This sure has been an exciting morning!


  1. The calves are so sweet. How exciting to have twins! Is that common?

  2. Ah~ Twins~ always interesting isn't it~ they are adorable~

  3. I didn't know they had twins!

  4. So cute. And the other calf too. Those lambs are sure getting big!

  5. Now that is a fantastic feeling, especially when the cow is one of your special girls! I love twins and when you get a set when only you have less than 20 cattle, its a real special deal! She did good! Years ago when we started with our first two jerseys, my cow aborted and had a mummified calf. I was so sad about it and the vet said, anyone else would haul her to the sale ring. Well, not me, I had babied her and already knew she was going to live her life out here. That next year, she gave me a set of beautiful twins and while I shoulda thought something was up, (She was enormous and when I felt her sides I thought I felt feet everywhere kicking). I made sure to tell the Vet that she had redeemed herself in the cattle ranchers eyes and every year since she has always given me the best calves. Those were the only twins I've ever had here, and I so remember seeing it first and not believing it second. I was so tickled...and I just know you were too! Congratulations! Thats way cool!!

  6. Such cute calves! Twins are kind of unusual for cattle, aren't they? It's funny to see the sheep "helping!" :)

  7. Adorable! We just visited a nearby farm that had 2 calves. So cute.

  8. What a wonderful place to live! My youngest would love living on a farm. How exciting to have all of those beautiful animals to call your own and take care of. It was fun looking at these pictures.