Thursday, June 14, 2012

Adorable New baby

The new baby just born today

We both went to the ground after this picture

The second day he gets an ear tag

Three days old

Isn't he pretty or maybe I should say handsome


A new baby was born last week and he is adorable. His Mom was a very young heifer that should not have come into heat as soon as she did but she did fine. Last Thursday morning she was off by herself which is one of the signs a baby is getting ready to be born so Richard put her in the barn where he could watch her close. A couple of hours later she gave birth and her and the baby were fine. He isn't very big but he is doing great. Saturday I spent an hour looking for him because he wasn't with her. I rode the four wheeler around and around through the cross fenced fields each time getting off and stepping on the wire and sending the four wheeler through by hand and getting back on and guess what? I finally found him in the second field I had rode thru and hadn't seen him. You can almost run over them if your not careful. I got him up and he bawled for his Mom and she looked up there and then went back to eating not too concerned and then of course he went the other way and laid down again. He may not be too big but neither am I and I had already wrestled him around in the barn lot Well, anyway about an hour later she went to him and everything was fine. We probably worry too much and we are too over protective. The next night Richard put him on the four wheeler and took him to her from another field. They lay down and sleep for hours. Being cute makes a baby awfully tired!


  1. So cute, will have to bring Madison by to see the cows.

  2. Such a cutie! Bull or steer? Love his white markings.

  3. I live in cattle country -- Nebraska and just love seeing all the calves this time of year. Thanks for sharing you handsome little fella!


  4. He is a handsome little fella! :)

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