Sunday, April 1, 2012

Two New Surprise Babies Makes Me a Sheep Farmer

I was laughing out loud.

They are saying Daaaaaad! 

Sister Love

Dora and Jessie.
Just a few hours old.
Watching Richard bring her babies.
Finally just decided to carry them to barn.
She followed him right to the barn.
Baby O thinking she was just here a couple of weeks ago with her new baby.
So Sweet!!
The cows are saying What the heck is that??
Getting a kiss from one of the girls.
Lucas meeting Dora!
Lucas giving Dora a kiss.
Lucas meeting Jessie.
They are headed to bed the first night.
Getting some milk from Mom.
I have always been known to take in stray dogs and cats but a stray sheep, this is a first. About a month ago we had a stray sheep show up at our house. She had a half grown baby with her when we first saw her. She couldn't really get into our field with the cattle so she went on up the road. I was at work when Richard sent me a picture of them on my cell phone and he said you were wanting a sheep but by the time I got home they were gone. About two weeks later she showed up without the young one. Wandering around like she did I guess something got the baby. We let her in the field, the cattle didn't like her at first but after a day or so they didn't care that she was there. She wouldn't come to us but we would go talk to her. Last Monday night we noticed her belly looked awfully big and guess what Wednesday morning when Richard went to check the cows he called me and said you need to come back home and see your new babies. The first pictures you see is the morning after she had them, and Richard being the softie he is was worried something would get them so he herded them to the barn and that is where we are keeping her until they get a little bigger.The cattle didn't know what to think. They never seen anything like this before. I ride up there in the night sometimes to make sure they are all right. Friday night I heard dogs barking so I rode up there at 10:30pm to make sure they were safe. Richard made the barn enclosure more secure so I hope they will be all right but I worry about them all the time.We named them Dora and Jessie. My little great nephew Lucas (who is like a grandson) to me sure did like them.


  1. Really? A stray sheep? That's crazy. So glad you took her in and are keeping her babies safe. She knew where to go. We never had the pleasure of sheep on our farm ~ so cute. Your pictures are precious. I look forward hearing how they fare.

  2. Those are the sweetest little babies ever! Just adorable. How lucky for you to have taken in the sheep.

  3. So precious~ oh, my someone may be missing a sheep~ but looks like they found a loving home~ wish one would show up at my farm, then I could have one~ giggles~

  4. Oh those little faces are darling.

  5. No kidding...way too cute!! I hope you get to keep them and they find a home with you...they'll love it for sure!
    What a fun post. I think baby lambs are about the cutest to goats and calves and horses and...

  6. OMG, what a tale! I'm glad ya'll took mom and lambies to the barn, something would have gotten those little girls for sure! Maybe now that the mom is at the barn and you guys are handling the babies, she will warm up to you.

  7. oh they just make me teary-eyed! so adorable!!

  8. We take in lots of strays but I can honestly say we've never had a stray sheep show up! What a cute story and how sweet you are to provide, THEM...with a home! Such great photographs - what kind of camera do you have?

  9. How cute! But ... not a sheep farmer ... you are now a shepherdess!
    Good luck!

  10. They are absolutely adorable! How cute your grandnephew is with them, too. Just his size! I love the photo of them following your hubby.

  11. Farm life looks so peaceful.... Baby goats - aaahh! Cute blog.

  12. Hey - drop me an email at thecrazysheeplady at gmail dot com. Trying to respond to your comment.