Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sheep Gone Wild

Our old barn at sunset
Sunset behind the cows
Stormy, Bandit, and Mom
Trying to hide
Just has to get that leaf
Cousins-This is the calf that had the hurt foot at birth. He is doing great.
These two are always together
Glad to have my babies safe again
Back in the barn
Running to me after being out a week
One of the nights they were out and wouldn't come to me
Running to me, thank goodness
This is where she decided to sleep for a couple of night
I haven't posted for two weeks I know but I wanted to make sure the Mama and her babies were safe before I told you what happened. Two weeks ago somehow they got out of the barn lot and ran off. They came back but then she wouldn't come to me. She would run off every time we got close to her. Then last Tuesday night I told Richard I was going to put her feed bucket with her special feed out in the field so she could eat some of it. I went to the barn and got the bucket, rode the 4wheeler back to her and called to her, she looked up and I shook the bucket and here she came running to me so I walked to the barn, they all three followed, I went into the lot, she came in, I walked into the barn and she walked right in with the babies following. I couldn't believe it but I was so glad they were safe again so now every morning Richard lets her out and in the evening I put them back in so they will be safe at night. Crazy Mama sheep!!! Then last Friday we had a pretty bad storm and the Internet was down all weekend. I felt isolated from the world. No Facebook, No blog, I couldn't look up anything. And we have been Turkey Hunting the last two mornings with no luck yet. Here are some recent pictures of life here at our place.


  1. First of all, I LOVE all your pictures! The sunset behind the barn is especially lovely!
    Secondly, I sure am glad mama sheep and babies are safe! Whew!! It's funny how the rattle of the feed bucket makes everything and everybody less scary! LOL!!

  2. I'm glad all is still well :-). Wondering if those lambs need any vaccinations. Just had that thought. Might look into a CDT shot. We do that and a BO-SE too because we are selenium deficient around our area. Ask your vet.

  3. So glad you have to lambs back!
    I just love Stormy. It looks like he has a twister on his face.

  4. Beautiful sheep. So glad they are safe.

  5. Your love of animals is so apparent; your photographs are stunning!
    That said, I've nominated you as a Liebster Blogger! You can follow this link for all the information:
    Congratulations, and I'm your newest follower!