Saturday, April 4, 2020

Farm life goes on in the face of uncertain times

Farm life goes on in the midst of a stressful and uncertain time. Checking cattle several times a day for babies and making sure they are all safe takes up a lot of our time. I’m still working from home and looks like that will last for a while I hope. I feel a lot more safe here on the farm. I only leave the farm to pick up groceries or scripts. Feels so weird to not stop anywhere. I did a drive by yesterday where my niece works just to wave at her. We talk everyday but I haven’t seen any family for several weeks now. I miss my ice cream dates with my little nephew when I pick him up from school on certain days. My husbands birthday was April 1st, we had a great dinner and I baked him a strawberry cake with cream cheese icing. Normally we would have a family get together. I urge you to pray harder than ever before for the healing of our country. I hope you enjoy the pictures of a few of the cows and babies.

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