Sunday, June 5, 2016

Nature, beautiful but also sad!

We all love nature, but while beautiful it can also be very sad. We had a bird, a Killdeer Momma nesting almost on the road from the house to the barn. They always nest in the most vulnerable places it seems. I only got a picture with two eggs but she ended up with 4 beautiful eggs in her nest. My husband put up a post next to her nest so no one would run over it, every time he drove past he said something to her like "When are those babies going to hatch". or "You are a good Momma". We worried about her when it poured down rain or was a little cold at night. We went over to take pictures and she would get off the nest and act wounded flapping her wing like it was broken and make loud noises at us. That's what they do to try to detour harm from their nest. In essence she would give her life for the eggs. One day Richard, my husband got back from town just in time to save her eggs from a snapping turtle almost to the nest. A couple mornings later he came in from feeding the bottle calf and said all her eggs are gone and I don't see her. We figure either another Snapping Turtle, a Black Snake, or a Coyote got them, I don't know what happened to her although I'm sure she wouldn't hang around if her eggs were gone. Needless to say I cried and my husband with the big heart had tears in his eyes too. Yes we hunt, yes we raise beef cattle, and sometimes have to do things we don't like on this farm but we also take care of a little bird, at least we tried. And that my friends is the wonderful and cruel world of nature.