Sunday, March 15, 2015

Miracle of Birth

It's always a joy for me to get to witness a birth of a new baby calf. This one just born when we got there. Still wet and Mom starts talking to it and making noises. She is saying I'll dry you off little one and then you get up and eat. And he does. This is a registered Short Horn cow and she was bred to a registered Hereford Bull. This is what we got from that combination. A handsome little fella indeed! Have I mentioned I love farm life?


  1. Lovely pictures, it must be a wonderful life full off change and new beginnings.
    Merle .....................

  2. That's a cute little bugger! When cows talk to their calves, I call it "mommy moos". A good sound! Hope your calving season went/is going well and that you have a good spring.