Saturday, April 5, 2014

Life begins on the farm and sometime needs a little help!

This little boy was born a couple of weeks ago and made it against the odds. First of all he was born with the sac over his head but the Cow knew what to do. He laid there a minute, it seemed like a long time to me. I was photographing with my 500mm lens from start to finish. I called my husband and told him the calf was on the ground but not moving and had the sac over it's head. He headed my way but it would have been too late by the time he got there. Thank goodness she cow pulled it off and the calf started to move. They are supposed to break thru the sac when they are born but sometimes they don't. She started licking him and talking to him in her Mom voice. If you have never heard this it's really something. As they are licking it dry they are also nudging and making noises to their new calf. Notice the hooves of the calf are a white color, they are born with their hooves soft so they don't break the sac while they are still in the womb.They harden up in a few days. It was getting very late in the afternoon as we watched this miracle but the calf could never really get on it's feet and stay up. It was supposed to be very cold that night so finally my husband grabbed him up and we took him to the garage and gave him a bottle. About 10:00pm Richard took him back to his Mom so she could smell him and bond with him but brought him back to the garage to spend the night. You see us feeding him a bottle and that is my leg he is resting his head on while he sleeps. The next morning he was hungry and we took him back to his Momma and life was good. Our colder than normal March found us bringing in more babies that usual for a warm up and a helping hand. They all survived! I love farm life.

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  1. Absolutely precious! I bet your heart just wants to burst when those little ones are born.