Sunday, March 2, 2014

Everything looks better in Mason Jars don't you think??

I like to put all my staples in beautiful mason jars. I just like the way they look don't you??


  1. I can still get the rubber seals for those jars at the hardware store and I can tomatoes and apples using water bath canning. They really look neat with the fruit in them. The best ones to use are the glass top style as they are real easy to use. Some have chips in the glass so they are always good use like what you are doing.

  2. Hello Deena! I've not been paying attention and have been missing your blog posts--Its been fun to catch up this evening and see your new addition, what a beauty she is and what great care takers she has and great photos of them too!

    But I also love Mason Jars, I also have everything from marbles to buttons in them--their possibilities are endless, aren't they?

    I hope you're doing well, and your weekend is ending on a good note, take care!!