Thursday, January 16, 2014

We saved her life!

This little girl was born week before last in below zero temperatures. We did not want any calves to be born in January but sometimes it just can't be helped. I was ready to leave for work when my husband Richard called me and said he needed help. I called my work to tell them I would be late. I drove to the field where they were and there he was with a new curly haired calf in the truck. He needed me to drive while he held her and hopefully the Mom would follow us. She did for a while but then we lost her because she couldn't see or smell her calf. He got out and carried her to the tailgate, showed her to her Mom and off we went with her following. She lost sight of the baby again and turned and started running back to the field where she had the baby. I turned and tried to head her off with my husband by this time laying in the bed of the truck trying to hold an 85 pound calf. I kept asking him if he was all right and he says just drive and head her off. Well, she went all the way to the back field so when we head her off he gets off and carries the calf to her so she can smell it. Once again we head for the barn which is quite a long way off. Keep in mind it is below zero and my husband is riding on the tailgate. You can see the strain on his face in the one picture because she is heavy. We get to the barn I jump out and open the gate to the stall and he carries the baby in and she goes in too. After he gets some hay down for them to lay on and we stuff hay in the holes where wind is blowing he puts the baby in the truck floor for about 45 minutes to get her dry and warm. She had just came into this cold world a little while before. I bet she thought WHOA, put me back in there where it was warm. We kept them in the barn about a week because of the cold and she is doing great now.We named her Curley Sue!


  1. She's a beauty she looks like she is doing well.

  2. What a story! That little calf is precious and I hope her mommy finally decided to mommy her! You look awfully pretty on that cold morning. Thank you so much for popping in to see me and your kind words.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Oh how beautiful she is…so glad you rescued her from the bitter cold..hope Curley Sue and mommy are doing well….