Sunday, June 2, 2013

Flea Market Saturday

I think I told you before there is a great weekend Flea Market near me, in fact I go by there on my way to town. Here are the items I picked up last weekend.  Some blue mason jars, race cars for Lucas, a cabinet pull I will use on something I'm sure, a flag, a little sack with a star cut out, I will put some ribbon thru the holes and give a gift to someone in this, a little hand stitched star mat for a gift, a homespun star the lady thru in, a old sugar bowl for an arrangement. Wait until you see what I got this Saturday!!


  1. I love thrift stores and flea markets, unfortunately I always find somethings I just cannot live without ......... LOL, now the house is full, and the little apartment outback, I have so much stuff (junk) I can open my own shop. And if I find one of something, I end up finding more to go with it, now I have collections of everything, sad irons, washboards, galvanized watering cans, copper stuff, cast iron sheep banks, Christmas nutcrackers big, medium and ornnament sizes, stuff, stuff and more stuff.

    Enjoy your new finds.

  2. They are fun to walk around in but I don't buy much.

  3. Where is the flea market at? Please?

  4. I went to a thrift store this afternoon--There's just not a better place to spend a rainy day!! I found a few good deals, but nothing as good as your finds!!

  5. Wow you picked up some really neat stuff. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Father's Day,