Sunday, August 26, 2012

A sad time for my town.

Karrah number 3, my granddaughter McKayla number 10.

Karrah back row, 1st on left.

Karrah on the right

Karrah number 3,

When you are from a small town like mine and you know everyone when something bad happens it hits us all like a ton of bricks. Friday night my granddaughter and her ball team were at a camp out and slumber party. They are all 13 and 14 years old. They had a bonfire at one of the girls houses back in the field, they were just doing what kids do, you know having fun. One of the girls step brother went to check the bonfire and the girls wanted to ride in the back of the pickup truck, he thought they were all in and one of them fell and was ran over by the tire of a big four wheel drive truck. It was an accident, the boy is devastated and never wants to drive that truck again. She was killed and the whole team witnessed it. These girls have been together since they started playing ball and they are all devastated as you can imagine. My cousin who is also the High School Principal has been their coach since they started playing. He has coached them through baseball and basketball and soccer in first grade and he has a daughter the same age. He loves them all and has spent countless hours taking them to ballgames, taking them home, feeding them, etc. He is with them in the pictures I have posted. This was a beautiful little girl and I ask for your prayers for her family, friends, classmates, and ball team. School starts here on Tuesday and what should have been a bright day will now be a very sad day. Her visitation is Wednesday and her funeral will be Thursday. In the pictures I am posting Karrah is number 3.


  1. oh I'm so sorry, I'll keep everyone in my prayers.

  2. What a sad and tragic event. Our prayers to all.

  3. That is so sad and so tragic. It's going to take a long time for all her friends to heal. I feel so sorry for the boy involved and all those that witnessed it. Prayers to her parents, family and friends.

  4. Such a tragedy for all involved. So sorry to hear this sad news.

  5. This is very sad, I will be thinking of her family and all of her friends.

  6. Going through your blog I found this story and it made me want to run to my children and give them a hug. What a freak accident and for all the girls to see it. I will say a prayer for everyone.