Thursday, May 10, 2012

Some Vintage Things

More in the kitchen. I also like old wooden utensils.
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I collect old baby shoes.
I paid $1.00 for this copper pot at the swap meet last weekend. I love old copper.
Got this for $3.00 at a 100 mile yard sale last year. That's another story.
I made this pin out of organza material and put an antique earring in the middle.
Got this at the swap meet for $2.00. I will paint it and I think put dish towels in it.
Little spools I wrapped with old lace and an antique earring.
This is in my sun room. I will share more of that later.
Got this pillow at a craft show in St. Charles, Mo last August.
I am going to paint this and I have a little sign to put on it.
Old shoe form I found a couple of weeks ago.
So far all I have been blogging about are our cows, sheep, and farm I want to show you today just a few of the little vintage things I collect. We have a couple of really good antique shops in our local area and I am there about every week. One of the new shops called Olde Town Antiques on I-44 right between Springfield and St. Louis, Mo has a swap meet every weekend and oh yes I think I have been there every Saturday. I hope you all enjoy all the goodies.There are lots more to come.Follow me on my blog


  1. Wow, what a great deal on the copper pot! It looks great, as does everything. The baby shoe is adorable.

  2. Fun to see these items. The pin looks like a great idea!

  3. I love old wooden things and that copper pot was a steal!!

  4. What great finds, that I would give a good home to, too!! :-)

    I hope you're enjoying your weekend!!

  5. quite the collection of vintage treasures!