Monday, February 13, 2012

Cooking like Grandma on Sunday

Both my grandmother's cooked big meals on Sundays so I always try to do that too. Yesterday I started off with blueberry oatmeal pancakes and turkey sausage, made a marinade for a pork loin which I sliced later because we ran out of time and my husband grilled it on the charcoal grill, then I made apple pie bundles. We went to the farm to get hay for the girls at our house and found a couple of new babies there. I will post those pictures later. We have 35 cows at our house and there are around 60 or so at the farm, a lot of them expecting babies so there will be about 100 there by spring. That keeps my husband pretty busy taking care of all that plus running his business. His dad is 89 now so he can't keep up with it as much as he used too. That's all right, we really enjoy it. We have a lot of new babies at our house, I will try to post their pictures this week. Back to the Sunday cooking, my husband always tells me my grandma's would be proud of me.

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